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Conetech Inc. a global service company of over 30 years uses cutting edge technology and a team of experts to provide the highest quality de-alcoholized wine, beer, cider, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, reducing by a small amount or all the way to 0.05% abv if desired, while preserving 100% of the natural aromas and flavors. ConeTech uses only Very Low Temperature Distillation (VLTD) technologies including the Spinning Cone Column and most recently GoLo to remove alcohol and offers other complementary technologies to assist customers in the development of the highest quality beverage products. For more information visit

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BevZero provides innovative solutions and streamlined supply processes for non-alcoholic and cannabis-infused beer, wine, and cider. BevZero offers the highest quality alcohol-free beverage development from concept to commercialization to its clients, eliminating their need for costly infrastructure and equipment, navigating complex regulations and licensing processes, and extensive development work. For more information visit

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PolarClad Inc., provides a highly successful, proprietary, tank insulation system, now in widespread use by scores of major wineries throughout America’s west coast. PolarClad also has the exclusive representation of Vinfoil — the world’s leading technology, computer-designed, to gently mobilize and mix any liquid, with much lower shear and energy usage, yet more rapidly, than any other conventional mixing system. Vinfoil, now recognized as the ‘gold standard’ in its field, has been adopted by many of the west coast’s most technologically sophisticated wineries and mores recently of interest to producers of spirits, juice and other high value liquids. For more information visit

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ABT&E, ABT’s Equipment division, offers GoLo Technology, the next step in Vacuum Distillation.  GoLo Technology was created to meet the demand from producers for high-quality nonalcoholic beverages. GoLo’s technology combines the ABT Teams proficiency in low temperature distillation (VLTD) and the engineering and distillation expertise of Logichem in South Africa – enabling the dealcoholization of beverages to 0.05% abv and allows in a single pass the recovery and retention of 100% of the product’s original aromas and flavor compounds. For more information visit