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ABT&E offers equipment for Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries.

ABT&E is the equipment division of Advanced Beverage Technologies which also includes ConeTech, BevZero and Polarclad within its family of companies.

ABT&E is the exclusive distributor of the most updated and efficient de-alcoholization technology GoLo™ Technology by Logichem.

GoLo™ Technology by Logichem

Logichem, a South African engineering company developed GoLo technology and remains the only manufacturer of the patented premium de-alcoholization process. This process which has been in operation since 2014 has been granted international patents. Continued collaboration with ABT and its family of companies ensures ongoing innovation, enhancements and development of customer desired options. Now GoLo technology is available worldwide.

The GoLo de-alcoholization technology is available for the following applications:







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GoLo™ Technology offers numerous advantages over other de-alcoholization technologies.

  • Automatic operation
  • De-alcoholization – under 0.05 vol %
  • Single-pass operation
  • Very low temperature vacuum distillation (No oxygen pick-up)
  • Aroma recovery (Optional)
  • Alcohol rectification up to 92% abv (Optional)
  • CIP system (Optional)
  • Cost effective operations
    • No moving parts
    • Low maintenance
    • Low investment
    • Minimal water use
    • Low energy consumption
    • Minimal loss